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Automatic levelars

These weirs are mainly used in surfacewater.

The floating weir is designed as a stand alone operated weir to maintain a set level difference between a higher water level and a lower water level.

The floating weir incorporates a floating chamber which controls the level of a weir structure, maintaining a difference between the upper level and the lower level. The system is in balance. The weir level will remain at the height set when the water levels are correctly balanced, until either:

  1. The water level in the lower carrier drops, meaning that the float drops and the weir allows water to discharge.
  2. The set level difference is exceeded due to a rise in the level in the upper level the weir allows water to discharge. The weir always return to it’s balanced state as the water is either discharged or topped up. This will ensure that a fixed level difference is maintained between the high and low reaches..

The KDS can be adjusted accurately by adjusting the water level inside the float. Different sizes and versions on request.

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