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Overflow Weirs Tilting gate

HCW manufacture a wide range of Overflow Weirs and Tilting Gates which gives you the ability to control and adjust the upstream water levels to a fine tolerance.
This type of weir is commonly used in situations where you need to control a summer pen level especially on marsh land where the water levels need to be controlled to encourage wading birds in sites of scientific significance which are maintained and controlled by the Internal Drainage Boards, RSPB and the Environment Agency.
HCW manufactures the structures from high grade materials like HDPE and stainless steel 316L or 304L. This makes the structures very durable, robust, easy to operate, and are very low maintenance.
HCW also specialize in the manufacture of bespoke, tailor made products to suit your application and we can also incorporated a V-notch into the weir-plate which enables you to calculate a set flow down your channel.
The design of the structures makes it easy to install on to existing headwalls, channel wall mounted or the frame could be designed to mount into existing rebates.
All the Overflow Weirs and Tilting Gates can be operated manually or actuated.
These products can be used in many applications ranging from surface water, rivers, sewer and process water systems.

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.